The Price Paid

The Price Paid

My thought today will be a stretch for most of us but the point should be clear. Imagine you and your wife have worked hard and saved money for 20 -25 years. Financially you are doing very well. You purchase a brand new truck for your 16 year olds birthday. A month later your child comes home telling you they have had a wreck in the truck. Your first question obviously will be “Are you OK”. “Yeah I’m fine. The airbags protected me”. You ask “How did it happen”. “I was in the parking lot doing donuts when I noticed two dumpsters stacked on top each other”. I thought “I bet I can knock them over with my truck so I ran into them not knowing there was a concrete pillar behind them.” “The truck is totaled but I know it’s OK because you can just buy me another one. You got me covered”. As a parent what would be your first thought? Your second thought might be “Are you kidding me you deliberately wrecked the truck your mom and I worked so hard to pay for and now you expect us to just buy you another one because you know we can afford it?” I’m sure there would be a few other thoughts like “how ungrateful”, “how disrespectful”, “how stupid” .  Maybe a few other thoughts with words I should not write. It is very obvious the child could care less about what it cost the parents. Their only concern was their own “fun/desire” not the price that was paid or the love that was shown when it was purchased.  If it had been a true accident verses a conscious decision would the parents have reacted differently? Would their thoughts have been different? The answer of course is yes.

This may sound absurd but stick with me for a bit more. Is not this how we sometimes approach God’s grace. The grace Jesus paid for with his life. Every day of His life is not documented in the bible. What I know is people have not changed in thousands of years. I’m sure on more than one occasion He had to flee because His life was threated (similar to what Muslims are feeling in our country right now). I’m sure He was spat upon, slapped, talked about to His face and behind His back. Ridiculed and scorned. What we do know for sure is He was humiliated, beaten to within an inch of His life, forced to carry a cross, had a crown of thorns pushed into His scull (every been stuck by a rose bush imagine one being slammed into your skull) and crucified on a cross. Why, so we could have a relationship with God and receive His grace!

I often hear people say “sin is sin” or “God’s grace will cover me/them”. This is often said like grace is something that was cheap and it doesn’t matter the price. Yes we all have those accidental sins that seem to just happen because we are still a work in progress. Yet there are deliberate sins people choose to do that are just like the child with the truck. A simple example would be a Christian having an affair. They know it’s wrong yet they do it anyway because it is what they want to do. There are all types of sins people CHOOSE to live out day in and day out. Does an excuse or our reasoning justify what we are doing?

Grace is not cheap. Grace is freely given because of the sufferings of Christ. Did His suffering mean nothing? Would you be willing to let your loved one be abused and tortured so you could do something you choose to do? Grace cost our Lord everything!!! So the next time you think “Gods’ grace will cover me” or “sin is sin” think about the price it is costing you and the price it cost our Lord.

Is grace really something that frivolous or is it something so precious we should never consciously choose to need to use it!

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