The Past

The Past

Everyone has a past good or bad. Almost everyone has experienced some trauma in life that either shaped you in a good way or a negative way. If it’s in the past then that is exactly where we need to leave it. It will never change that chapter has been written.

What is up for grabs is the next chapter in our life. Will it be the same or better than our past. Is our desire to write diddo based on the previous chapter or do we desire to write a new chapter? Writing a new chapter is going to require change since we already know how to repeat the previous chapters.

Our past is a reflection of who we were yesterday.
Our future will be a reflection of who we become today.


One thought on “The Past

  1. Great reflection. So true are these words, some people continue to reflect on the past and this will never allow them to look to the future. It’s like trying to drive forward while looking in the rear view mirror… you will crash!

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