Remarkable God

Remarkable God

God will never be remarkable to us until we allow Him to do the remarkable through us!!  In my life the moments where I realized just how great God is were usually very difficult times. Times where I had done all I knew to do. I had said everything and prayed every word I knew how to pray yet the problem still existed.  My faith was strong but my hope seemed to be fading. It is easy for me to tell when my hope is fading because my words are no longer words of victory they become words of surrender. Words that change from “I know God can” to “I hope he will”. Have you been there? 

In these moments I am often reminded of a few simple words from Psalm 119:14 You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.

Will you let Him show you his power or will you hold so tightly to your own strength, emotions and ideas that you miss God?  How many options are you going to try? How many hours of worry will it take to solve your problem? How many pills do you need to swallow for comfort? Will 3 more text to friends bring you the comfort you seek? Will 2 beers fix it or 5? These things sound silly as I type and I am sure they look even sillier to God as He sees us do them over and over.  The truth is if we really had the power to solve all our problems, comfort our self and heal our self would not we have done it by now?  Yet our pride keeps us locked in our own efforts instead of trusting in God. 

I prayed for 8 years, almost every day, beginning in 1997 for my younger brother to accept Christ as his savior. I found myself in January of 2005 also praying God would heal him from pancreatic cancer.  In late April of 2005 my brother, who had been a Muslim, accepted Christ as his savior. I was blessed to be the one he asked to baptize him. He died 8 weeks later on June 30, 2005  from cancer. God took Satan’s illness and changed it into His glory! God answered both of my prayers! My brother became a Christian because of the cancer. Then God took him home and gave him a cancer free body in heaven to heal him.  His forte is not the speed at which he answers. It is the perfection of his answer. 

God loves to show His Power to children. He loves to give the broken hearted a new heart, the discouraged hope,  the physically weak strength, the suffering a lighter load, the hopeless a reason to believe. In His presence we find peace, hope and a shelter from the storms of life. Sometimes for me all I have to offer is my body resting in His presence. No words, no song,  just sitting or lying quietly in His presence thinking of Him in His glory. Learning to trust Him to work on things while I rest. There are times when I play praise music and spend time glorifying Him in song sometimes singing sometimes just worshiping with the music. The method is not near as important as the connection. Take a few moments today just to be in His presence and see all that He has been and is in your life, a remarkable God. Why do you plug your phone in each day? To charge the drained batteries! When are you going to recharge yourself?



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