No Worries

No Worries

Worry and anxiety are our futile attempt to have control. I think we all will agree the vast majority of things that cause us to worry or have anxiety never happen (probably 95%) so the track record for the honesty of worry and anxiety is pretty poor. The track record for worry and anxiety causing health problems, depression, fear, loss of peace and weariness is probably 95%.

We benefit zero from worry and anxiety. Being worried and feeling anxious says we have given up on prayer and being thankful.

Instead of putting our trust in God believing he can help us through whatever we face. We become fearful and put our trust in our own ability to predict and solve the future.

The question of the day is how well has worry and anxiety served you? Have you ever thought I was so glad I was anxious and worried about this or that? If you have I would guess that’s one time out of 100. 

The solution for worry and anxiety are simple, pray, be thankful, be the best you can be right now in this moment. If our attention is on the possibilities of tomorrow we miss the peace and joys of our “right now”. Our “right now” is all we have!!!

Be blessed!!

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