Live as a Child

Live as a Child

I thought about Matthew 18:2-4 “He called a little child and had him stand among them.  And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

There are many implications for the verses. I will share with you one area where I often find myself frustrated. I am learning to listen so things are improving. 

I thought about how young children react to what happens around them. The assumption is the child lives in a semi functional family. I say semi because all families are dysfunctional in some respect so this child is in a family on the low end of dysfunctionality. In the house several things are in need of repair. The front bathroom sink leaks, several light bulbs in the ceiling fan need replacing, the back gate does not close properly and the ice maker does not work all the time.

The child has also heard his parents talk about the $1,500 they do not have to repair the dad’s car and how this is going to put a strain on the family. How does the child respond to these problems? Most likely they do exactly what they did before the problems occurred. They go to school, play and enjoy life.

Looking at their behavior you would think they are oblivious to the problems but they are not. Here is the key, children see the same things we see and are aware most of the problems in the house. They may even bring some of the repairs to the attention of their parents but you won’t see them going to the garage to get tools to fix the problems. Why? They trust other people to fix the problems they cannot solve.

Are you starting to pick up on one of the reasons Jesus said what he did in Matthew 18:2-4? Somewhere along the road of life we develop excess pride and self-confidence which says “we can fix our own problems”.  Instead of enjoying the blessings God has brought today we are stressed about problems which may not even be ours to fix or ours to fix right now. What would you say to a 6 year old if you saw them trying to repair your  car? You might say something like “I appreciate you wanting to help but that is a job for dad/mom to do. You go play and we will take care of it”.

What is worry and stress? Thinking over and over about things which you do not have a solution. So the next time you find yourself stressing or worrying about something maybe listen for a moment to hear your heavenly father say “I appreciate you wanting to help but that is a job for your God.  You go live life and I’ll take care of it. If I need you to get involved the solution will come to you”.

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  1. Good reminder that I need to hear. Sometimes I get so caught up in being the ‘responsible adult’, I forget that God is the Father and I am his child.

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