In our small group this week we talked about consequences. One of the members said even if a person does not receive an immediate consequence (such as an undisciplined child being allowed to do what they want) there is always a consequence later (undisciplined adult not able to keep a job).

Is there a process that will reduce the consequences in our life. We hear multiple voices each day, peers, friends, family, our self and of course the enemy. God says my sheep hear my voice and know it. The few references in the bible to council from others normally refers to “wise” council meaning someone who will lead stear us to the path God desires.

Simple thought test —

Does what I think/feel line up with Gods’ word? If yes proceed.

If no then replace the thoughts with thoughts that do line up with Gods’ word. Feelings are never acted upon until a thought takes place so speak to your feelings the truth of God.

This is why Paul said we continually (multiple times a day) need to renew our minds. 

One thought on “Consequences

  1. This inspired me today.
    I was especially pleased to hear about these through a mutual friend. I’m encouraged and I hope to continue to read these in the future.

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