Chain Breaker or Chain Maker

Chain Breaker or Chain Maker

It is always a surprise to me when life’s circumstances provide a new perspective I had never even considered. I honestly believe it is a vision of the future God shows me as I contemplate why things happen the way
they do. I constantly find things are much deeper than they often first appear to be in life.

Almost all of us are dealing with issues that have affected our family, possibly for generations. We also may have blessings which may have been a part of our family such as a hard work ethic. My immediate family, on my mothers side, for generations have all been Christians. I have no idea who the first Christian was but I am grateful for their generational changing decision. I have met families where most of the men and women are involved in ministry. Families of kind hearted generous people from the parents to the children. 

The other side of the coin is some families have been devastated by things like alcoholism, womanizing, abusive men and women, depression, drug abuse sexual sins, anger, meanness and the like. Then someone decides, with the help of God, they can break a chain. They become the first person in their family to not be an alcoholic or they may be the first Christian. Then most of their children and some of the grandchildren follow suite. Over time a “chain” can become fully broken in families. Sometimes chains are immediately broken. I have heard many stories just like this. A young lady I know told me when she got baptized 2 years ago she was the first Christian on either side of her family “ever”. The family thought she is stupid because it’s just foolishness. I admire her courage and have seen the love of Christ in her for years.

Just like blessings for lack of a better term family “curses” started with someone.  Has someone shared their life story and you found out there are generations of alcoholics , unwed mothers, people living together for fear of getting married, generations of mean hateful people. Families where all the siblings have been divorced just like the parents. 

We each are making choices in life and while in the present moment things we choose often appear to have limited consequences. What we fail to realize is what we do is not always just about “me” in the here and now. We may be the one who is establishing a legacy for future generations good or bad.

Our society tends to accept so many things that are contrary to Gods word
forgetting we may be setting up generations to fall into the same sin. Yes his grace covers it but the sad reality is because of the nature of some sins
people in the future may not even become a Christian because they lost hope from a previous generation.

I’ll share one such story of the effects of generation “curses”.
Eight years ago I sold fitness related equipment for a company. I was in Lubbock talking with an apartment manager about gym equipment and pool modifications. We had met 2-3 times before so we had a working relationship. We had a meeting that started late so we decided to continue it over lunch. I always pray before I eat regardless of who I am with at the time. I asked her if it was OK if I prayed. She said “sure if  you want too”. I thought oohh sounds like there is some pain in those words. Somehow I worked around to talking about God. She told me she didn’t believe and I asked why. She said “I never met my grandfather he committed suicide. My mom committed suicide when I was 10. My only sibling, my younger sister committed suicide 4 years ago at the age of 28. The woman I was speaking with was 40 years old and the family “curse” had caused her so much pain God is no longer an option for her. During the course of our business relationship I saw her try to open her heart to God. I prayed for her many times. Each time the pain shut down her desire to seek God. I pray one day by God’s amazing grace her heart is opened to accept Jesus as Lord and savior. Her grandfather probably never thought of all the devastation his one decision would cause for generations in his family.

Who are you going to be in your family tree? Are you going to be
the listed as The Chain Maker,  The Chain Holder or The Chain Breaker?

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  1. Wow, God is so good! He does meet us right where we’re at. I woke this morning with such heaviness of my son’s lifestyle on my heart that I have been fighting my tears all day. I continually pray for his repentance and see the “generational curse”, if I may, and just have to believe and continue to speak LIFE over his life and continue to speak in faith and confess that he does have the mind of Christ. I say generational curse because I too once lived that life and was a partaker of that exact lifestyle and also he lives as his father is still living. I truly believe and stand on God’s word in Romans 4:17 where we can call those things that are not as though they are, just as He did because I John 4:17 says as He is so are we.

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