About the Author

About the Author

About Barre’ Wheatley

One of the first things people struggle with is how to pronounce my first name. It is a French name pronounced Bare-Ray. My mother was from New Orleans so you can see where my French connection originated.

I have been a devoted Christ follower for 18 years even though I have been a Christian all my life. I will explain more about this when I share my testimony sometime in the future. In the past 18 years I have volunteered my time in Singles Ministry and Small Group Ministry. I was also a domestic violence phone counselor for many years. The majority of my professional business career was in the IT industry. The past 6+ years I have worked as a mentor for at risk youth.

Through this diversity of life experience I have seen God work in amazing ways in my own life and the life of other believer and non-believers.

When I was involved in Singles Ministry I started sending out emails titled “Thought For the Day”.  These emails were really my own thoughts that I decided to share in the hope it would bring encouragement and comfort to the singles I knew.  The list has expanded well beyond the singles over the past 15 years. A few people suggested I write a book. More recently a few people asked me if I ever thought about doing a blog so I could reach more people. I had never thought about a blog but it seems like a natural fit for my “Thought for the Day”.

What I will share are my thoughts which challenge me, strengthen me, comfort me and at times correct me. My writings are based on either personal life experiences or what I have observed in the life of other people. I have learned from sharing these experiences Christians are more alike than different. Most of us do well for several hours on Sunday. The difficult part is the remaining 6 3/4 days of the week when we have to live out our faith.

We can connect very deeply through shared Christian experiences and it is by sharing our stories that hope and healing are often found. We are all wounded soldiers fighting a battle, which praise God we have already won, yet the day to day warfare can become tiring or at a minimum confusing. I hope this blog will unpack some of the mystery about living a Christian life. I hope it will encourage you to take bold new steps to deepen your relationship with our Lord.

Some blogs may be only a few sentences and the lengthiest will take no more than 90 seconds to read.