90 Second Test

90 Second Test

Below are 10 simple questions that will take all of
90 secibds to answer.  Grab a piece of paper and
answer the questions as quickly as possible. Normally
the first thing that you think of is the correct answer.
You will see answers below but feel free to choose
your own if it is different.

(1) What thing have you sacrificed most for?
*             Your children?
*             A successful career?
*             Maintaining Friendships?

(2) Who is there in your life that you feel like you
can’t forgive and why?

An inability to forgive could be connected to the
fact that someone took away from you something
you can’t be happy without. Something you depended
on for your life, happiness, and security. What did they take?

(3) What one thing do you most hope is in your future?
*             Career success?
*             A certain salary
*             Material things

(4) What is the one thing you most worry about losing?
*             Your job
*             Your family
*             The respect of your kids
*             The love of your spouse
*             Your money

(5) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
*             Your looks
*             Your job
*             Where you live
*             Your car

(6) When you do you feel the most significant?
*             In other words:
*             When do you hold your head up the highest
*             What is there that you hope people find out about you
*             Do you constantly mention:
*             Your family
*             The job you hope you get
*             Your house
*             Your title
*             Your college degree
*             Does your heart soar with pride when you talk
about your kids or grandkids?

(7) Where do you turn for comfort when things are not going well?
*             Your work
*             Pornography
*             Food
*             Alcohol
*             Drugs
*             Friends
*             Pets
*             A truth about yourself? Like, I may not be a great athlete, but
academically I am far above my peers
*             Electronics

(8) What triggers depression in you?
*             Your kids not calling
*             The struggles in your marriage
*             Not getting the recognition you think you deserve
*             How little you think you have accomplished

(9) What is the one thing if you lost it you would be devastated?
*             Your kids
*             Your marriage
*             Your money
*             Your family
*             Your material possession
*             Your pet

(10) Who or what is the one thing you have to do spend
time with each day for 15-30 minutes or you feel a loss,
depressed,  sad, disconnected.
*             Your kids
*             Your spouse
*             Your electronics
*             Your family
*             Your pet
*             Entertainment/Facebook/Twitter/Instant Messaging

One of the most basic commands of God is not to have an idol
before Him.  The truth is idolatry is deceptive. Most of us would
say God is #1 in our life. Based on your answers is this true?

How often was one of your answers to the questions above God
or tied to your Christian Faith? Be careful with rationalization
which really is deception. Yes it is good to love our spouse,
children, family because God commands us to love. Yes it is
OK to be devastated by the loss of a child or marriage but what
should devastate us the most?

The test is designed to determine the priority in your life. Your
priority often will show you if you have an idol in your life. Do
you see a pattern in your answers? God should be our obvious
number one. The test opened my eyes in some areas my hope
is it did the same for you. I wonder if we take God for granted?
I think I do at times too. 

If I had stated at the top it was a test about IDOLATRY would
your answers have been different? If so why?

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